What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program in Colorado

If you suffer from mental or physical problems as well as addiction, you may need a partial hospitalization program in Colorado.

A PHP will help stabilize your uncontrolled health issues. In this way, it prepares you to continue your journey toward substance abstinence.

Partial hospitalization programs, or PHPs, play a specific, crucial role in the treatment of drug and alcohol problems.

PHPs are outpatient programs. This means that you can stay at home while receiving treatment.

However, PHPs are different from other forms of outpatient care for addiction. For example, they require you to spend more time in weekly treatment.

In addition, they are restricted to people who have certain serious health problems.

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Basics of Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial hospitalization programs are unique in the field of addiction treatment. They do not provide the 24/7 oversight you will find in an inpatient program. However, they provide much more weekly oversight than a standard outpatient program or SOP. They also provide more oversight than a form of care called intensive outpatient treatment.

To qualify for a PHP, you must meet certain treatment guidelines. These guidelines state that you must:

  • Be diagnosed with severe drug- or alcohol-related substance problems
  • Suffer from either a serious mental health issue and/or a serious physical problem
  • Have mental or physical symptoms that are not fully stabilized and under control

Because of the nature of their mission, PHPs provide services not always found in other programs. That includes the types of psychiatric services you would find in a mental health facility. All PHPs offer provide some form of advanced medical care.

How long will you spend in PHP treatment each week? All programs of this type provide at least 20 hours of weekly care. Your specific program or plan may require you to spend even more time getting treatment. In general, you can expect to receive treatment three to five days a week. On any given day, you may be at your facility anywhere from four to eight hours. Ask your doctor about what to expect in your situation.

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What Happens in Partial Hospitalization Programs

Substance Withdrawal and Detox

Detoxification (detox) is a common starting point for substance treatment programs. While taking part in detox, you will stop drinking or using drugs. This is necessary to purge addictive substances from your system.

When addicted people stop their substance use, they typically suffer from drug or alcohol withdrawal. Detox gives you a safe, secure place to go through the withdrawal process. This is important because some types of withdrawal can produce serious or even life-threatening side effects.

Supervised detox relies on the skills of doctors and other trained personnel. These trained professionals take the steps needed to protect your health. They also know how to stabilize your condition and deal with emergency situations. In addition, detox personnel gets you ready to participate in PHP addiction treatment.

Partial Hospitalization Program Colorado Pathfinders - Several members who are attending rehab for addiction treatment sit down for group therapy during their Partial Hospitalization Program in Colorado for addiction treatment.

Addiction Treatment

Partial hospitalization programs provide active treatment for substance addiction. This means that you must play a part in your own recovery from drug or alcohol problems. It also means that you must play a part in your recovery from mental illness and physical problems.

PHPs also rely on professionals and support personnel from different specialties. That is what allows the Partial Hospitalization Program in Colorado at Pathfinders to treat people affected by other problems in addition to addiction. Doctors and other addiction specialists are part of all treatment teams. Your team may also include mental health experts such as psychologists, psychotherapists, or psychologists. Support staff for these experts may include psychiatric nurses or other trained professionals.

What treatments are provided in PHPs? Not all treatment plans are the same. However, it is common to receive help in the form of medication. Types of therapy used to help people in PHPs include:

  • Group and individual psychotherapy
  • Family counseling
  • A form of mental illness education called psychoeducation
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Medication-assisted treatment or MAT

Other types of treatment are also common in PHP for addiction. For example, many people receive some form of occupational therapy. In addition, many people receive recreational therapy. Your treatment team may also include a social worker or a toxicology specialist.

When you begin treatment, your multi-expert team will help design a plan for your unique needs. If your needs change in any way, your team will get together and update your treatment plan. This means that you always receive care that fits your current situation.

Mental Illness and Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial hospitalization focuses heavily on the treatment of mental illness. Together, mental illness and substance problems create a condition called dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis is well-known for its ability to make mental illness symptoms worse. At the same time, it tends to make addiction symptoms worse.

PHPs are important, in part, because they allow you to get help for dual diagnosis while avoiding inpatient treatment. This may prove essential to you if you do not have the time needed for inpatient care. Your doctor may also recommend a PHP over inpatient care if you have a strong support network.

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Where Can I Find a PHP ?

You can find PHPs in various settings and locations throughout Colorado. At Pathfinders, we offer addiction treatment from residential programs with 24-hour care to outpatient programs with minimal supervision. This allows you to transition from the highest level of supervision in the beginning when you need it to lower levels as you progress through your recovery. This unique situation allows you to stay at our treatment center during your entire treatment. Some centers do not offer all levels and  force you to find another provider when you are ready to transition.

Partial Hospitalization Program Colorado Pathfinders - 4 People who are attending a partial hospitalization program in Colorado for addiction treatment sit down with a therapist for their group therapy session.

Paying for a Partial Hospitalization Program

If you have health insurance, your policy likely covers the cost of some or all addiction services. Need help sorting out the details of your coverage? A brief consultation with Pathfinders’ online verification tool will help you better understand what to expect. We also have options available for anyone who lacks addiction-related insurance.

Learn More About Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial hospitalization is an advanced form of outpatient substance treatment. It provides help to people suffering from unstable health problems as well as addiction issues. People enrolled in PHPs tend to have some form of mental illness. In addition, participants may have serious physical problems.

While you live at home during PHP treatment, you must devote much of your week to treatment. The minimum weekly time commitment is 20 hours. Many people spend even more time at the programs.

The typical PHP care plan begins with substance detox. Once you complete detox, you will start your active PHP treatment. Treatment usually involves multiple types of trained specialists. Examples of these specialists include doctors, addiction experts, psychiatrists, and psychologists. Other common team members include social workers and occupational and recreational therapists. Forms of care include medication, psychotherapy, and skills training.

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Partial Hospitalization Programs at Pathfinders Recovery Center Colorado

One of the main purposes of a PHP is to help people affected by dual diagnosis.

The treatment provided in partial hospitalization will allow you to live at home during your recovery from this condition.

This is an important alternative for those who cannot attend an inpatient program.

In Colorado and elsewhere, PHPs may operate independently or as part of larger organizations.

The typical PHP maintains close relationships with other types of addiction programs. This closeness allows you to transition smoothly to other forms of treatment.

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