Why Choose a Rehab Near Colorado Springs?

When you need help with substance abuse in Colorado Springs, it’s important that you have options that treat mental health disorders and substance abuse issues. When individuals receive addiction treatment without mental health treatment, the ensuing result is often relapse.

In the past, mental health services weren’t available in combination with drug rehab counseling at an addiction treatment center. Today, many of these treatment centers do offer addiction treatment and mental health therapy in one program or personalized treatment plans that accompany clients in early recovery.

Another significant change is the adoption of holistic options in Colorado Springs. More often, addiction treatment includes some form of holistic option in an effort to treat every part of the individual.

Rehab Colorado Springs

This approach used by treatment programs in Colorado Springs is known as integrated therapy because treatment services include elements from multiple forms of evidence-based treatment methods.

In this article, you’ll learn more about recovery programs in Colorado Springs and what a client’s time there entails. We’ll discuss what a day of inpatient treatment looks like in a recovery program for substance use in hopes of helping you along your recovery journey and to make that final step toward long-term success.

Getting Into an Addiction Treatment Center In Colorado Springs

Going through the intake process of a treatment facility is normally similar in from one organization to the next. However, a higher-quality rehab center will get more in-depth regarding your issue specifically (mental health, specific substances) in an effort to start piecing together a personalized treatment plan.

Creating an effective plan for your stay at a rehab center should start before you even walk through the doors. It’s important to know when you’re seeking addiction treatment that the person on the other end of the phone during your initial intake call is just as serious about your recovery as you are.

We’ll walk you through the steps of the average intake process for a Colorado Springs treatment center.

Initial Phone Call and Contact

Getting help for addiction is an investment made in yourself or in a loved one. The admissions staff should be understanding and work to accommodate your needs. When calling, you should be greeted warmly, not made to feel rushed or unimportant. Questions along these lines should be expected at any respectable facility:

  • Why did you decide to call now?
  • Past drug abuse and rehabilitation
  • Current environment circumstances
  • Is Medical Detox Required?

Making the Decision

The next phase is for you and the intake team to get to know each other and your individual requirements better.

  • Learn more about your financial choices (insurance or private pay)
  • Insurance coverage verification
  • Verify specifics like where you are and when you will be there.
  • Create a strategy to enter residential treatment

An in-house admissions representative will contact your insurance company on your behalf and then go over your coverage in detail with you to determine whether detox and inpatient treatment alternatives are covered.

Day of Admission Into Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment

0 Intake screening and evaluation conducted entirely over the phone in advance of an in-person visit

Determine the specifics of your admittance, such as the time of day you will come, the type of care you will require, etc.

Your admissions counselor is a good resource for answers to any questions you may have leading up to enrollment.

You should be made to feel welcome and secure while navigating early recovery concerns and getting your feet under you for ongoing, long term sobriety.

Upon arrival, you and your counselor should begin to construct a unique treatment plan for you or your loved one in order to start establishing the foundation of recovery. At every step of the process, whether it’s medical detox, dual diagnosis, inpatient rehab, or aftercare, staff should provide you with the information you need.

After admissions to our drug and alcohol rehab either your detox or substance use treatment program. Some clients who don’t require detox go straight to inpatient rehab, a partial hospitalization program, or intensive outpatient treatment.

Evidence Based Treatment

Pathfinder’s in Colorado Springs provides comprehensive care for anyone struggling with substance abuse, whether in need of drug rehab or alcohol rehab, we combine treatment for all forms of substance abuse in a world-class setting.

Clients will be given a thorough evaluation by one of our certified addiction specialists either before or after they are admitted. To better tailor a rehabilitation strategy to each individual, this information will be invaluable to our team.

Despite the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating addiction, we do think that assisting our clients in uncovering and addressing the underlying causes of their addiction will help them achieve a more robust and long-lasting recovery.

Pathfinders’ comprehensive addiction rehabilitation program entails:

Detox under medical supervision

Co-occurring (dual) diagnosis treatment strategies

Extensive outpatient treatment

The Treatment and Prevention of Addiction Relapse

Strategy for Discharge

Pathfinders Recovery is a safe place to get help for chemical dependency issues like alcoholism or drug abuse (whether its heroin, opiates, cocaine, meth, prescription medicines, etc.).

Outpatient Rehab Program

For those with mental health or substance abuse concerns but who do not need to be hospitalized 24/7, we provide intense outpatient and partial hospitalization programs for both adolescents and adults. The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) consists of:

Psychotherapy in a Group Setting

Medication management under the supervision of a doctor

Intervention leading to fruitful endeavors

Clients who require more than just conversation therapy but are able to manage many elements of their lives on their own may benefit from the outpatient program.

Family Involvement of Recovery Journey

Family Involvement of Recovery Journey

The effects of drug abuse and mental illness extend beyond the client’s immediate circle of influence, and we recognize this. The client’s condition affects their loved ones as well, and it is frequently necessary to make adjustments to their home environment to aid in the patient’s long-term healing and well-being.

Family members are encouraged to see their loved one in treatment during designated visiting hours when possible and with the client’s consent. Additionally, there is educational programs to help family members learn how to best support their loved ones.

Mental Health and Inpatient Rehab

Clients can choose from a variety of services within our mental health program based on their individual needs and preferences. Clients of all ages experiencing crises can be evaluated and diagnosed through our inpatient program and then receive inpatient care at our facility in close proximity to Colorado Springs.

Clients are seen by our clinical team, led by a psychiatrist, who provides them with care, support, and medication as needed during their inpatient stay. The ultimate goal of treatment is to address any mental health issues that may be contributing to substance misuse.

In the course of treatment, patients typically receive:

  • Treatments tailored to each patient
  • The Administration of Medications if applicable
  • Intense counseling, both in group and one-on-one sessions
  • Community Support
  • Seminars and Lectures
  • Strategy for Discharge
  • Therapeutic Recreation
  • Holistic Rehab Program Training and Guidance
  • Clinical Programming from Experienced Staff

After completing our program, participants are educated on maintaining their progress and resuming normal life at home. Clients will learn coping strategies to use as a form of ongoing support after they exit treatment.

Long Term Recovery for Colorado Springs Residents

At Pathfinders Recovery, we believe that long-term recovery is possible through various avenues of therapy focused on mental healing and substance misuse education. By treating all of these elements in one, clients receive a more robust form of therapy that treats everything as a whole instead of treating different elements but not really giving lasting assistance.

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