Getting Help for Alcohol Problems in Greater Boulder

More people in the U.S. are affected by alcohol use disorder, or AUD, than any other kind of substance problem. This disorder includes cases of alcoholism, as well as cases of serious alcohol abuse. If you are affected by AUD, you need the help provided by a modern alcohol rehab program. This is the surest, safest way to bring an end to your drinking. It is also the most reliable way to stabilize your sobriety and remain alcohol-free.

Recovery from AUD is a multi-step process. This process typically includes a period medical detox. It also requires enrollment in an active alcohol treatment program. In addition, effective treatment plans often include membership in a peer support group for alcoholism. A well-designed alcohol rehab in Boulder, Colorado, makes use of all of these recovery tools. It also makes the treatment process as convenient and accessible as possible.

Alcohol Rehab in Boulder

The Importance of Medical Detox for Addiction Treatment

Today, medical detox is the essential starting point for recovery from addiction. The detox process has multiple benefits. These benefits include:

  • Allowing you to quit drinking in a safe, monitored environment
  • Providing you with medication that helps you cope with alcohol withdrawal
  • Protecting you from the potential dangers of the withdrawal process
  • Helping you correct alcohol-related nutrition and fluid imbalances

The result of such advantages is a much higher chance of getting alcohol out of your system. You also have a greater chance of coping with the effects of withdrawal. The goal of detox is arrival at initial state of sobriety. This sober state is required to continue your recovery in active treatment.

What Are the Top Features of an Alcohol Rehab: Boulder Edition

What should you look for at rehabs in Boulder, Co? Full-service rehab facilities not only feature medical detox for alcoholism. They also feature a full slate of services for active alcohol treatment. These services include medication, as well as behavioral psychotherapy.

Three medications are approved for use in alcohol treatment. Depending on your needs, your doctor may use them to achieve such goals as:

  • Correcting some of the brain chemistry changes associated with alcoholism
  • Lessening the severity of your ongoing cravings for alcohol
  • Easing some of the other lingering symptoms of alcohol withdrawal
  • Making a return to alcohol use much less physically appealing

Several forms of behavioral therapy are known to provide benefits for alcoholism treatment. The right therapy can help you:

  • Undo behavioral patterns that support ongoing alcoholism
  • Develop new behavioral patterns that help lower your alcohol risks
  • Increase your willingness to commit to your treatment
  • Meet specific recovery targets in your treatment plan

You may not need both medication and therapy to recover from AUD. In fact, many treatment plans only include one of them. However, a high-quality alcohol rehab in Boulder, Colorado, will make sure that each option is available to you.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Alcohol Rehabs

Dual diagnosis treatment

Roughly half of all people in need of alcohol treatment have dual diagnosis. This term is used to identify the combination of addiction and other significant mental health issues. To recover from dual diagnosis, you must get sober and stay sober. In addition, you must get targeted help for your mental illness.

Effective alcohol rehab centers understand the prevalence of dual diagnosis. As a result, they are prepared to help you with services specifically designed to address this condition. Those services may include medication for alcoholism and/or your additional mental health issue. They may also include suitable therapy.

AA in Boulder County and Alternative Sober Supports

Effective peer support is known to increase your chances of maintaining your sobriety. You can get this support in a mutual self-help group. A well-designed alcohol rehab will almost certainly encourage you to seek out this kind of group. It will also prepare you to be an active, involved participant.

Without doubt, Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, is the most well-known alcoholism support group. This group uses a series of 12 steps to promote your long-term recovery. You will find ample AA resources in Boulder County. The group also offers online support meetings.

However, AA’s spiritual/religious model is not for everyone. Instead, you may prefer a more secular alternative. The Boulder recovery community includes these kinds of secular groups. You can also access them online.

Finding an Alcohol Rehab in Boulder, Colorado

Alcohol Rehab in Boulder

A number of rehabs offer addiction treatment for Boulder, Colorado and surrounding communities. These rehabs can vary considerably in terms of their featured treatment services. They can also vary considerably in their level of treatment expertise.

Differences like these make finding an alcohol rehab in Boulder a bit of a challenge. You can simplify this crucial task by looking for rehabs that:

  • Have a medical detox program for alcoholism
  • Provide all of the treatment services you may need
  • Customize those services for everyone in their programs
  • Rely on treatments known to be helpful for people with AUD
  • Offer services for people in recovery with dual diagnosis
  • Help you add AA or another peer group to your recovery plan
  • Feature an experienced staff of dedicated professionals
  • Have a full range of outpatient and inpatient program options

Facilities that provide such extensive support for your recovery uphold a high standard of excellence. Not everyone who enrolls in their programs is guaranteed to succeed in AUD treatment. However, they maximize the odds that you will meet your sobriety goals.

Does Insurance Cover the Costs of Rehab in Boulder

Under current federal guidelines, treatments for substance and mental health problems are essential services. If you have health insurance, there is a high likelihood that your plan covers these services. This fact holds true for insurance obtained through your employer. It also holds true for insurance obtained under the Affordable Care Act.

But this does not mean that insurance will completely cover the cost of rehab. Your plan may indeed provide complete coverage. However, it may also cover only part of your total cost. Refer to your policy for all relevant details.

How to Pay for a Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Denver Without Insurance

How to Pay for Alcohol Rehab in Denver Without Insurance

Even without insurance, you can potentially pay for addiction treatment in Boulder. Some facilities allow you to pay for rehab over time, instead of all at once. You may also have other financial resources to help you cover the cost of your treatment. Talk to your preferred Boulder rehab providers to find out more about their payment options.

Choosing the Right Boulder Alcohol Rehab Made Easy at Pathfinders

Alcohol rehab in Boulder, Colorado can form an essential part of recovery from AUD. Effective AUD programs offer options for medical detox, active treatment and dual diagnosis. They also help you make full use of a mutual self-help group. In this way, they provide all of the tools you need to establish your sobriety and maintain it over time.

Looking for an alcohol rehab program in Boulder? Turn to the experts at Pathfinders. We feature comprehensive AUD treatment services that fit any recovery scenario. We also feature the additional services you need to recover from dual diagnosis. In all cases, Pathfinders follows modern guidelines for the most effective ways to overcome alcoholism. With our help, you can achieve stable sobriety. You can also regain your overall sense of mental wellness. Call us today for more information.

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