What Is Meth or Crystal Meth Addiction?

Meth is a common shorthand for methamphetamine. This powerful drug belongs to a class of substances called stimulants.

Stimulants get their name because of how they increase (i.e., stimulate) nerve cell activity inside your brain.

You may also know meth by other names. Common slang terms for the drug include:

  • Speed
  • Ice
  • Glass
  • Chalk

You may also be familiar with the term crystal meth. This form of the drug is named for its visual resemblance to glass-like mineral crystals.

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Symptoms of Crystal Meth Addiction

If you are addicted to meth, you have a condition called stimulant use disorder.

There is a range of symptoms linked to this condition.

Some examples include:

  • Strong cravings for more of the drug
  • Loss of the ability to control your intake
  • Setting up a daily routine that revolves around your drug use
  • Developing problems at home, in school, or at work because of your drug use
  • A rising tolerance to the effects of the drug
  • Withdrawal symptoms that appear if you quit the drug or quickly cut back on it

Potential withdrawal symptoms include a lack of physical energy and extreme feelings of depression.

You may also experience anxiousness or psychosis (i.e., hallucinations and/or delusional thinking).

In addition, anyone withdrawing from meth may experience very strong urges to start taking the drug again.

Whether addicted or not, chronic meth users can also develop other significant problems.

Common examples of these problems include:

  • Memory issues
  • Bouts of violent or paranoid behavior
  • Extremely itchy skin
  • Serious tooth and gum decay
  • Poor sleep
  • High levels of weight loss

Meth Addiction in Colorado Pathfinders - A woman is experiencing intense withdrawal symptoms from the lack of using meth due to her crystal meth addiction in Colorado

Meth Addiction and Mental Illness

People addicted to methamphetamine often suffer from some form of mental illness as well.

Specific types of illnesses linked to meth addiction include depression, psychotic conditions, and PTSD.

Anyone affected by both addiction and additional mental health problems has something called a dual diagnosis.

This is important to know because dual diagnosis will affect the course of substance treatment.


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How Can We Help?

Meth-focused treatment plans focus on the use of behavioral therapy. This therapy helps you change your perspective on substance use. It also shows you how to create a durable, substance-free lifestyle.

If you are affected by mental illness, your plan may include a form of treatment called dialectical behavior therapy.

Most people have insurance that covers at least part of their addiction treatment expenses. If you have questions about your insurance, Pathfinders will help you find the answers you need. We also offer other payment options if you do not have insurance coverage.

To learn more about treatment for crystal meth addiction, just contact the experts at Pathfinders Recovery Center Colorado.

Our in-house specialists will answer all of your questions and help you take the next step.

You can count on our commitment to your recovery from serious drug problems.

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