What Is Alcohol Abuse?

Alcohol Abuse Treatment In Aurora, Colorado


Alcohol is a legal substance that lowers a person’s inhibitions and ability to make good judgement calls. Alcohol has a pretty wide range of effects on an individual, from slurred speech to blacking out. While many people may experience unintended consequences of alcohol abuse during their lives, not all become alcoholic. Some people are able to drink in moderation or in social situations, others unfortunately cannot. Alcoholism (also known as Alcohol Use Disorder) is often characterized by a pattern of binge drinking, frequent cravings and urges to drink, and an inability to stop drinking after taking the first drink.

Individuals who have been struggling with their alcohol abuse for a long period of time may begin to experience alcohol withdrawal if they do not drink. This is similar to withdrawal from other substances, where the user’s body becomes dependent on a substance, and violently reacts when the user stops taking that substance. In the case of alcohol, withdrawals can cause seizures and even death if a person is not monitored or given the appropriate medication.


What are the Signs of Alcoholism?

There are many signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse, though not every addict displays them all. Some common signs include:

  • Repeated tardiness or absence at work or school
  • Not remembering what happened when drinking
  • Health problems caused by drinking alcohol
  • Difficulty controlling the amount of alcohol consumed
  • Being hungover or sick after consuming alcohol interferes with everyday activities
  • Being injured or hurting others while drinking
  • Concealing drinking habits
  • Continued drinking even though it affects relationships at home and work

Long Term Effects of Alcoholism


Alcohol has both its short term and long term effects. Over the course of time alcohol not only does damage to your brain and your ability to act and react normally, but it has devastating long term effects on your body. If abused, alcohol can cause problems with your vital organs, causing your heart to have problems beating correctly or your liver to shut down.

Many individuals have also experienced legal issues due to run ins with the law. Getting a DUI can be tough on an individual who is already a chronic drinker, making it harder for them to get to their job or find new work. Lawyers can be expensive and many who are in court for DUI’s often plead guilty to the charges, often causing financial problems due to the fines incurred.

The most important long term effect alcohol can have on an individual is actually the ricochet effect that is left behind by that person’s actions while they were drinking or using drugs. Many individuals have caused a lot of pain and damage to their loved ones through their actions while drinking, whether by stealing, lying, cheating or causing physical harm.


How We Can Help

Alcohol abuse treatment can take a long period of time, the brain and body require time in order to heal from the damage we have caused. Pathfinders Recovery Center Colorado is dedicated to helping you or your loved one through your struggle with alcohol abuse, get the most out of treatment and be on the road to happy recovery. We know what it’s like to feel hopeless and afraid, but there is a way out!

If you are ready to start on a new path and break free from the chains of alcoholism, give us a call today or fill out our insurance verification form. We are ready to take your phone calls and answer any questions you may have.

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