How a Drug Rehab Center Can Help You Recover from Addiction

Have you grown tired from letting your drug addiction run your life? If you want to make a change into a new, sober, peaceful lifestyle, you need an intensive therapeutic program. If you need a drug rehab center, then you are in luck. You can put the experience of the addiction specialists at Pathfinders Recovery Center Colorado to work for you.

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A Holistic Philosophy that Facilitates Recovery

Pathfinders Recovery Center Colorado embraces a holistic philosophy that facilitates your recovery. Their multi-faceted approach will address your addiction first. Additionally, the recovery team will help you learn coping strategies for co-occurring disorders and help you regain your physical well being.

Our team customizes treatment programs to suit your recovery needs at our drug abuse rehab center. This plan allows for individualized strategies that will help you affect long-term recovery while minimizing your odds of a relapse.

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Outpatient Drug Rehab vs. Inpatient Drug Rehab Center

If you are like many, you found us via the internet as you performed a web search. You might have keyed in “best inpatient drug rehab centers near me,” (or some similar search). You landed on this article.

First, we applaud the fact that not only did you admit you need help with your addiction, but you also took the next step and began the process of seeking assistance.

But that might lead you to the next decision. Do you need inpatient or outpatient drug rehab? Most drug abuse and rehab centers offer both types of treatment.  We will present you with some reasons why you might choose one of these levels of care over the other.

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Advantages of Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

If you searched the term best inpatient drugs rehab centers near me , then perhaps you have a feeling that your addiction requires an advanced level of care.

Inpatient care affords you around-the-clock supervision from a dedicated and knowledgeable team of care providers from doctors and nurses to nutritionists and therapists. No matter what challenge you face during your rehabilitation, they will have a scientifically-proven solution that will work for you.

Some of the main reasons that patients choose our inpatient drug rehab are the following:

  • 24/7 access to care providers
  • Total focus on recovery without distractions
  • Built-in accountability
  • Less chance of relapse
  • Treatment of co-occurring disorders

Advantages of Outpatient Drug Rehab Centers

Many people succeed at overcoming drug addiction at our rehab centers using outpatient therapy. While your treatment plan still includes custom-tailored therapies, it also allows you to live in your own home and commute into the rehab center for treatment.

Here are a handful of the best reasons why patients choose our outpatient drug rehab center:

  • Attending school
  • Career goals or a job schedule prohibits them from entering an inpatient program
  • Parents of young children or are caretakers for an ailing family member
  • A desire to be accountable for their behaviors from the outset
  • Insurance coverage only includes outpatient therapy services

Whether you select inpatient or outpatient drug rehab is a highly personal choice. Whatever you pick, we are there to help you find the way.

What Addictions Can the Best Drug Rehab Centers Help With?

Our staff at Pathfinders Recovery Center Colorado is highly skilled at helping people beat all different types of substance abuse prevalent in society today.

Some of the most widespread addictions we treat, however, include the following:

  • Heroin
  • Alcohol
  • Opiates
  • Marijuana
  • Prescription drugs
  • Methamphetamines
  • Amphetamines
  • Cocaine
  • Crack

This partial list provides you with a glimpse of what we will treat. If you do not see your particular substance on here, call our counselors at 855-728-4363. We are glad to provide the answers to any of your queries.

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Do I Need Drug Rehab Center Near Me or Need Treatment Away from Home?

If you are looking for the nearest drug rehab centers, you might have a good reason to want to be close to home.

Some patients thrive in an environment where they know their children or other family members are nearby. They look forward to frequent visits and opportunities to stay engaged with their inner circle.

That family-friendly scenario will play out well for many people.

However, other patients find that attending local drug rehab centers presents a unique challenge—the temptation of leaving the relative safety of the program. If you go to rehab locally, then you know what awaits outside the facility’s four walls. Waiting out there are your drug dealer, friends you used to party with, and places where you frequently used.

At Pathfinders Recovery Center Colorado, you will meet a blend of people. Here, you will form a peer network of others in recovery from locally around the area and those who fly in for therapy from all points across the nation. You will love the supportive, diverse people you meet here.

What Therapies Do the Best Drug Rehab Centers Provide?

Regardless of what drug rehab center  you choose ultimately, you should look for several vital programs that will help you break your addiction.

Pathfinders Recovery Center Colorado uses scientifically-proven therapies and treatment to boost your chances of success. Our holistic approach makes us rate among the best drug rehab centers and the US. Here are some therapies you will encounter during your time with us:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is sometimes referred to as CBT. During these counselor-led sessions, you will learn to self-monitor your triggers and make better choices. This increase in self-awareness will help you overcome your addiction for good.

Group Sessions:

You and your peers will watch movies, attend short lectures, and participate in group therapy. You will learn from each other and form a tightly-knit support network.

Nutrition Instruction:

When you used drugs, most likely you likely neglected to eat well. Many patients arrive at Pathfinders Recovery Center Coloradowithout knowing that eating the right foods for a fit body will help maintain sobriety. We will help you discover how and why as well as teach you how to heal your body nutritionally.

Exercise Therapy:

Our staff includes an exercise therapist. Months (or years) of substance abuse takes a physical toll on your body as well as your mind. We will help you regain the strength you lost over the time you were abusing drugs. You will be delighted as you see the physical evidence of your rehabilitation unveil before your eyes.

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How Can I Get Started on My Recovery Journey?

Are you ready to reach out to Pathfinders Recovery Center Colorado? We are just a few short clicks or a quick call away at 855-728-4363.

We accept self-pay patients and most health insurance. All you need to do is call or complete our confidential Insurance Verification Form. We will reach out to your insurer on your behalf to obtain the pre-certification that you need. Our desire is to empower you to focus wholly on your sobriety—leave those details to us!

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