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Our Alcohol and Drug treatment Program

At Pathfinders Recovery Center Colorado, we are committed to helping addicts across Colorado overcome their drug and alcohol addiction. Our team of highly qualified clinical and medical staff have been working with patients struggling with addiction for decades. We know just how difficult this time can be and how important it is to be surrounded by a supportive, positive environment during early recovery.

With the knowledge and experience to help our patients fight their battle against addiction, Pathfinders Recovery Center Colorado provides evidenced based treatment that has proven to be successful with many of the patients who have come through our doors.

Pathfinders Colorado addiction treatment center

Treatment Accommodations

Feeling comfortable and secure during the recovery process is important. That’s why it was our number one priority when creating our vision. Our residential treatment homes provide clean living quarters for patients to reside throughout their stay. There are common areas with large couches, lounge chairs and televisions to make everyone feel at home during treatment. Relax and reflect on your journey wherever you please.

Upon arrival, all of our patients undergo a medical evaluation so that our team can come up with an individualized treatment plan that works for them. Our multi-disciplinary team helps patients understand their addiction, identifying causes, triggers and how to overcome these obstacles moving forward.

Our treatment program uses many experiential techniques including individual therapy, group therapy, family programming, trauma workshops, cognitive behavioral therapy and somatic experiencing to name a few. We go in depth on topics from family to self love, promoting a positive, healthy lifestyle moving forward. Early recovery can be an emotional rollercoaster. Having our multi-disciplinary team to talk through emotions with whenever you need is just one thing that sets Pathfinders Recovery Center Colorado apart from the rest.

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Pathfinders Recovery Center Colorado adhere to the belief that to remain healthy and live a sober lifestyle, patients should continue with recommended outpatient therapy services, and community addiction groups and remain in touch with other sober individuals and supportive people. After all, these support systems can remind these individuals that there is truly hope for those struggling with addiction.

The Pathfinders approach works because our counselors strive to keep patients engaged and hopeful in their recovery process. This is done through participating in personal one-on-one counseling sessions, as well as group therapy sessions. We highly value fostering a feeling of mutual support and care amongst our patients and treatment providers, and strive to show our patients that they are not alone in their struggles.

As everyone learns and heals differently, a variety of several different addiction recovery techniques, tips, and coping skills can better prepare each patient to stand strong after their initial residential treatment is completed. These may also encourage them to explore additional treatment options following their successful completion of a treatment program.

Our dedication to increasing our patients’ ability to focus on others also helps these individuals in their ongoing recovery. As they strive to encourage and support others in their journey to overcoming substance abuse, so too can they experience an increase in their motivation and dedication to their own re-discovery of living a healthy life.


Location Map

  • 2953 S Peoria St. Suite #230
    Aurora, CO 80014
  • (855) 728-4363
  • Office Hours: M-F 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Pathfinders Recovery Center Colorado

  • 2953 S Peoria St. Suite 230 Aurora, CO 80014
  • 855-728-4363
  • Office Hours: M-F 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

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